Which is the Best Cellular Service in South Africa

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The primary network operators in South Africa are MTN, Telkom, Cell C, Rain, and Vodacom. These carriers have established a firm subscriber number over the years. We take some categories into perspective here – video experience, download speed, latency experience, and 4G availability to decide on a specific carrier. Several studies have been conducted to […]

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MTN or Telkom – Which One is Better

When it comes to finding the best network operator in South Africa, MTN and Telkom can be formidable. Both the carriers have successfully established a large chunk of subscribers from different parts of the location. MTN is a telecommunication company that enjoys approximately 37% of the market share here. It has added 29 million subscribers […]

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Are You Still Depending on Your Landline Phone

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It’s the 21st century, where technology is advancing every day. If we look at our past inventions, we had the landline phone call each other and communicate. A few years passed by, which gave rise to cellular mobile devices like Keypad mobiles. At present, we have Smartphones that work with a touch screen or your […]

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Vodacom or Cell C – Which is Best

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This is probably the most asked question right now. Vodacom and Cell C are both unstoppable network carriers expanding at a rapid pace. According to research done by OpenSignal, Vodacom has established itself as a leading dominant network provider in South Africa. It has won six out of seven of its national awards, scoring high […]

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