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We all now live in such a fast-paced lifestyle and hyper-connected world. That simply means that we can no longer live with poor mobile signal or mobile data in houses or offices. We need strong cellular signals so that we can make and receive our important calls uninterrupted. Also, we need reliable cellular data speeds to browse the internet and use all our important applications in our smartphones.

But, the reality of the cellular networks in South Africa is that they are not reliable. You encounter frequent call drops, poor data download, and upload speeds. But, now there is a solution available to make your mobile experience like never before. We have award-winning Cell boosters for all your needs. We have cell boosters to enhance your Voice data, 3G signals and 4G signals from any network in South Africa.

About Us – South Africa Boosters

Over the years, we have helped over 3.7 million customers around the world to improve their mobile and data signals. We believe, we just don’t sell just a device inside a box. We sell a solution for real people. Caring and serving our customers is first priority for us.

We are seeking to maximize customers’ experience and to deliver the best product with the lowest prices in the market. In fact, our professional team is ready to provide 24/7 support via chat, e-mail or phone. All our mobile signal boosters have 30 days money-back guarantee plus one year warranty for manufacturing defects. Additionally, free international express shipping to get your booster within 3 to 5 working days right at your door.

How to find out what mobile booster you need?

Choosing the right booster for your needs can get complicated. But don’t worry, we have designed a specialized tool to help you reduce this process in only 2 clicks. Scroll down our home page to find the Product Wizard Tool. Then, provide simple information as the size of the property where you want to install the booster and networks you are needing to boost. Once those 2 steps are done the tool will direct you to the booster you need. You can also find out if you need extra accessories.

How does a mobile signal booster work?

A Cell phone signal booster works by taking the existing signal from cell towers via an antenna, which is amplified by the cell booster, and sent to the internal antenna. Then, the external antenna pushes out a full-strength cell signal inside your property.

It’s crucial for you to have an existing outside signal on the building that you want to install the cell signal booster. You can measure your outside signal with your mobile phone in your hand.  You should know that the cell phone booster does not create a new signal. They only increase the signal that is already there from the cell towers in the areas you are residing or located.

Cell  Phone Repeaters Can Be Used Anywhere

Our mobile signal boosters operate all over South Africa and Africa. They work by using the 900/1800/2100Mhz Frequencies that are 2g, 3g, 4g, and 5G. As long as you follow our instructions which you receive in the box. You will receive the best 5 Bar mobile signal gain throughout your property.

For instance, if you live in an area where the mobile reception is extremely poor and you have slow data speeds you will need a Triband Signal Booster.

By installing our devices you will immediately receive a 32x signal increase in cellular signal. This will allow you to enjoy a super-strong signal on all mobile signal networks in South Africa.

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