are mobile signal amplifiers effective

Are Mobile Signal Amplifiers Effective

Most of the people try to find out an answer before they buy a mobile signal amplifier that “Are Mobile Signal Amplifiers Effective?”. In this post, we will discover the answer, and based on that you can make your decision.

In the modern age that we live in, a mobile phone has become far more than just a simple gadget. Other than being used to make calls, stay in contact via instant messaging, accessing the internet and checking email, the entertainment value is just as significant, from streaming live sports or watching movies to listening to music, a mobile phone can do all of that for you.

There are nevertheless few things as annoying as having to deal with a signal that is discontinuous, lags, or just disappears leaving you with no signal. There is a solution to this irritating problem of mobile signals that have been proven to be very effective. Here’s all you need to know about mobile signal Amplifiers. How they operate, and whether they really live up to their claims.

How Does A Mobile Signal Amplifier Operate?

Also referred to as a signal repeater, the mobile signal booster principally enhances the strength of a signal. This means that you have a better mobile signal and will help you make and receive uninterrupted calls.

The mobile signal amplifier comes with two antennas (one installed outside the building and another inside the building) a signal booster or repeater as well as cable to connect the three components.  Together this mobile signal amplifier boosts the signals and provides an enhanced signal to the users.

One of the problems with the signal is disruptions that have a variety of causes. For instance, tall buildings or other structures that can block the signal. This results in a weaker signal which is irregular and undependable.

The booster uses the available signal and enhances it thereby reducing any interference and then amplifying the signal that you receive.

Are Mobile Signal Amplifiers Guaranteed to Be Successful?

While Signal Amplifiers are largely effective and of great help in areas that receive a poor mobile signal.

It is important to keep in mind that the signal boosters can only boost a signal that already exists and does not produce its own signal.

If there is no signal where you are located or you are in a dead spot, a mobile phone signal booster will not work. This is because there is no signal for the signal booster to enhance.

Finding out whether a signal booster will be of benefit to you is simple. You can do a field test. You can do the field test yourself using your mobile phone, both an iPhone or any android device. Technically you have to check how many bars of coverage you have. Even if you are only receiving signal strength of one bar, a booster can make a big difference.

On the contrary, if there are no signal bars on your phone, a mobile signal amplifier will be of no use. However, in some cases signal boosters still work as the receiver antenna placed on the roof might find a signal. If it finds signal it will certainly boost it to get you proper signal strength.

Try checking for network coverage from an elevated position such as the roof for a more accurate reading. It will also help you decide if you should buy a signal booster or not.

Check out for people in the neighborhood using Signal Boosters

Sometimes, one or two cellular providers in a particular area have problems with the signals. In such cases, you can switch your cellular carrier. If you find absolutely no signal then ask in the neighborhood about their mobile phone usage. In most cases, you will find the answer that they use a mobile signal booster to boost the poor signal and make use of it.


Whether you need a boost your mobile signal strength at home or in the office, the mobile signal booster provides the same quality signal. You need just one perfect 4G signal amplifier to boost the signals. For covering a large area you can go for more powerful signal amplifiers. Amplifiers that can cover areas up to 5000 square meters and serve to 250 users simultaneously.

If you are having trouble selecting the correct mobile phone signal booster for your needs, please contact us. Our mobile signal booster experts will happily assist you to choose the right signal amplifier for your needs.

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