cell phone reception booster south africa

Cell Phone Reception Booster South Africa

It is common to face a bad network connection or poor signals. With the technical advances, the world has advanced from the first generation of the network to the fifth generation. In South Africa, the major network carriers are Rain, Vodacom, Telkom, MTN, and Cell C. If you have a poor network connection, you should invest in a quality cell phone reception booster for South Africa. Before we get into that, let’s understand cell phone signals briefly.

Why do you have a poor signal in the first place?

 There can be several reasons for having poor reception. Mobile signals travel in the form of radio waves – AM/FM types. A radio frequency works for covering long-distance wireless communication. This means any object coming between the cell tower and you can be an obstacle for the network to travel smoothly. Below listed are the major rationales that can cause you an unstable network. 


The geographical topography like mountains, hills, valleys, or trees can act as obstacles preventing a stable network to reach you.


Natural causes like weather changes and celestial events can interrupt the smooth flow of radio waves from the cell tower.

Electromagnetic Intervention

Electronic or metal objects can intervene with the radio waves transmission.

Distance from Mobile Signal Tower

Distance often plays an important role in determining the network strength. The location of the cell tower from your house/office decides the network strength. Sometimes, the cell towers are located far away, offering a weaker network. In rural areas, there may be just one or two cell towers, evidently making the connection weaker.

Building’s construction material

The material used for constructing the building or house can prove to be obstacles to a smooth network connection. Often elements like the metal, concrete, thick walls or any energy-saving devices installed hinder the process of having a proper network connection.


This is one of the most common reasons for having a poor connection. Often, there is way too much traffic on a single cell tower. This means several users are accessing the same cell tower for their network needs. Turning off LTE in your settings might help in such situations and offer a stronger signal for the time being.

What are cell bars or mobile signals?

The cell bars visible on the top right corner are the readings of subjective signal strengths. It can differ between mobile manufacturers and network providers. Let’s say you use the services of MTN on an iPhone. It’s one bar that can mean three bars on Vodacom on Google Pixel or full bars for Cell C on Samsung. You may find instances where you have four bars but the signal strength is still poor or the internet may be fast on a one bar network. There is a defined way to find your cell phone’s signal strength.

The cell signal is measured in terms of dBm. If you have a signal of -50 dBm, you probably have full network connectivity. A signal strength of -120 dBm can happen in an area with no cell towers or network. Thus, as you get closer to achieving 120dBm, your network strength falters. 

How to find the nearest cellular towers?

If you are in South Africa looking for your nearest cell towers, we have just the right solution for you. Below listed are a few applications which will help you find the nearest cell towers. 

Android – LTE Discovery

                Open Signal

                 Network Cell Info Lite

IOS         – Open Signal

                 Speedtest app by Ookla ( To do this roam in your home and perform the speed test. The place where you find the fastest network is the direction where you will find the nearest cell  tower.)

The ultimate solution to all network issues –  Cell Phone Reception Booster

A cell phone reception booster is your permanent solution to all the network issues. You may call it a cellular repeater, cellular amplifier, or a cell phone antenna booster. It is an ICASA approved and network-certified (MTN, Cell C, etc.) device for boosting your weak GSM, 3G, or 4G LTE network.

The working process is quite simple. The cell booster has three major components connected by a coax cable. When you make a purchase from our website, you get a 10 m coax cable included with the product. The coax cable is necessary for the proper functioning of the signal booster. Here’s how it works:

  • Exterior Antenna – Also known as a Donor Antenna, this antenna catches the weaker signals or radio waves in your network area.
  • Amplifier – The amplifier is responsible to boost the weaker signals to a range of +60dBm or +70dBm, for offering you better connectivity.
  • Interior Antenna – The inside antenna does the final task. Also called the broadcast antenna, it releases the boosted signals in your network providing you with a stable connection. 

If you are confused as to where you can get a mobile booster, we are here to save the day. We offer a wide range of premium quality signal boosters that work for all the network providers in South Africa and all cellular devices like smartphones and laptops. The best part is that there are no added fees or monthly fees. It is a one-time investment. You don’t need to connect it to any third-party devices like WiFi or landline internet.

Why do you need a cell reception booster?

Cell boosters are used in both rural and urban areas for getting better connectivity. With an increase in demands for faster internet speed and a stable network, mobile signal boosters are widely being used in different parts of South Africa. Several users solely rely on their phones to offer a fast internet connection. A cell booster ensures that you enjoy high-speed internet anytime, anywhere. Below listed are a few benefits of installing a mobile booster:

End to stutter videos

The buffering time can be annoying. With an enhanced network connection, the videos will stream seamlessly. There won’t be any stutter videos with five-bar signal strength.

No more call dropping

A lot of times the calls you make do not connect or drop all of a sudden. This has become a common network issue. A cell phone reception booster for South Africa will help you solve this issue immediately. You can now enjoy high-quality calls.

High-resolution audio/video

With a quality mobile signal booster, you can enjoy high-quality audios and high-resolution videos anytime, anywhere.

Faster internet speed

A mobile booster will enhance the weaker signals, offering you an after internet speed. This means that you can easily download or upload huge data files in a shorter time span.

Smooth browsing

An effective cell booster offers you smooth browsing experience. Sometimes, the websites take too long to load. The mobile booster will solve the issue offering you a stronger signal, where the web pages will load quickly.

No voice-breaking

When you are on a call or video conferencing, you may find network problems where the voice keeps breaking. Getting a mobile signal booster installed will solve the problem. You can enjoy calls without any voice-breaking. 

Single carrier vs Multi-carrier Boosters

A single carrier cell booster can amplify the signal strength up to +100 dBm for a single carrier at a specific time. This is because the booster focuses entirely on amplifying the cellular frequencies of a specific carrier.  On the other hand, a multi-carrier cell booster can amplify the signal up to +74 dBm gain for multiple carriers at the same time. 

Thus, a single-carrier cell booster is more powerful and effective than a multi-carrier cell booster. If you are looking for versatile options, you can consider a multi-carrier booster. 

Confused between Cell Phone Reception Boosters?

Sometimes, differentiating amplifiers can be confusing due to the technical terms. We will breakdown the terms Gain and Downlink to help you identify the difference and understand how amplifiers differ from one another.

Gain refers to signal strength. It measures how much the signal is amplified in terms of dB. This means that if your gain is more, the signal from the outside antenna is more amplified. In the case of mobile boosters for home, the signal strength generally ranges between +60 to +70 dB. Commercial boosters can have a signal strength up to +70dB with an enhanced downlink power.

dB stands for Decibels which are measured exponentially. With every +3dB gain, the signal strength increases x2 times. Similarly, for every -3dB reduction, the power strength decreases by half. Whenever you compare between different mobile signal boosters for South Africa, keep in mind that every +3dB counts and makes a huge difference.

The next term to understand while distinguishing between Amplifiers is the downlink power. Downlink power refers to the coverage area, i.e. the maximum signal strength which the amplifier can transmit in a defined space. If the amplifier has a good signal, the downlink power decides the optimum coverage area of the system.

  1. Let’s say you have a poor outdoor network connection. Focus on the amplifier’s gain. This will tell you how strong your network signal becomes or in technical terms, how loud your amplifier gets.
  2. Now, let’s turn the scenario. If you have a strong outdoor network, focus on the amplifier’s downlink power. This shows how much the amplifier is capable of taking the signals, boosting them, and releasing them. If it is overpowered, it may shut down. To prevent this, you may need to install an attenuator.

How to Install a Cell Phone Reception Booster?

If you purchase a mobile signal booster for South Africa, here are the simple steps for the installation process. The process is simple and easy to follow. If you are looking for commercial installations, you may need the help of a professional.

Installation Process in Home/Office

  • Find a location outside your house with an optimum signal strength
  • Mount the exterior antenna, generally on the rooftop
  • Connect the cable from the exterior antenna to the amplifier
  • Keep the amplifier in a place which is well-ventilated
  • For the interior antenna, mount it vertically  maintaining a 20-25 ft distance with the exterior antenna to prevent oscillation
  • Connect the coax cable from the amplifier to the exterior antenna
  • Double-check everything – dB level, signal strength levels, and power on the amplifier
  • Take a speed test by watching youtube or downloading a file

When you find the network to be much faster, the booster has been installed properly. 

Get Your Cell Phone Reception Booster for South Africa Now!

If you are looking for a cell phone reception booster for South Africa, you can check our website. Searching for a quality cell booster online can be cumbersome. It’s not necessary that you will always find the best cell phone signal booster online. Ensure that you purchase ICASA certified cell boosters which are effective in offering optimum services. To make your search process hassle-free, we have listed the best quality mobile signal boosters for ZA on our website.

We focus on offering only the best quality. For your benefit, we offer 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the cell phone reception booster, you can get your money back within 30 days. Enjoy free delivery everywhere in South Africa on your purchase. The installation process is quite simple. You can contact us for more assistance. Get your cell phone reception booster now and enjoy a stable network anytime, anywhere.

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