how not to be trapped in a dead zone ever again

How Not to Be Trapped in a Dead Zone Ever Again

We live in a digital era where mobile and the Internet have become a crucial part of our lifestyle. Facing poor cellular reception or unstable network connection can be annoying where you have no network. You can try to connect to a network and it may work after trying 3-4 times. There is also a possibility that you might not get proper signals, even after multiple trials. We call this the ‘Dead Zone’ where there isn’t a network. Even making emergency calls become difficult.

How can I deal with Dead Zone?

If you don’t want to be in a dead zone, we have a few simple tricks that might come in handy.

  1. Switch from 3G to 2G – You can do this when you’re receiving a lower signal strength in a particular area. It may give you a slow internet speed but will be helpful for making calls or dropping messages.
  2. Don’t hold your phone too tightly – While this may seem bizarre, this is something that actually has to be taken care of. When you hold the phone too tightly at a certain point, you will face the reception drop. Hold your device lightly so that the antenna can easily receive the signals.
  3. You can try finding a glass tumbler around you. If you are in a dead zone, put your mobile in a glass tumbler. This may help you get some bars. Remember that these tricks are just to save you when you don’t have any other means to help you out.

What is a better solution to fix this?

There is always a better solution to get rid of all your network issues and never be in a dead zone. Install a Mobile Signal booster device at your home or office.  It’s an affordable and permanent solution to all your network issues. A signal booster works for all major network operators in SA including MTN, Telkom or Rain.

You can choose a device depending on the network you use – 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G. You also have the option for Universal cell boosters which work for almost all the major carriers. For example, A 4G Universal mobile booster would work for Cell C, MTN, Rain, Telkom as well as Vodacom.

To find your best fit, there are few details you should find about. Decide the location where you’re going to install the device. Accordingly, specify certain details like Coverage area, a number of devices to be connected to the mobile booster, network carrier and network range – 3G, 4G. This will help you make an informed decision regarding your cell repeater.

How does a Mobile booster work to improve Dead Zone Situation?

If you’re wondering how this device miraculously enhances the network strength and gives you five-bar signals so you don’t get trapped in a dead zone, here’s the working process. There are three components which ensure its efficient performance. The External antenna catches the weaker signals. The amplifier receives them and boosts them. The final step is performed by the Internal antenna which releases these enhanced signals in your network range. These three components are connected by a Coax cable which ensures you get a stable network anytime, anywhere.

Where can I get a high-quality cell booster?

South Africa Boosters provide you with a wide range of premium mobile repeaters. You can get a high-speed internet connection, improve call clarity, high-resolution visuals, stream videos without buffering and much more. We offer ICASA approved mobile boosters to meet high-quality standards. Check our website to find which device would work best for you. Get your mobile booster now and never be trapped in a dead zone again!

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