how to buy best mtn signal booster

How to Buy Best MTN Signal Booster

MTN is one of the largest mobile network providers in South Africa, yet it can’t offer users 100% coverage. Not having good mobile network coverage at home or office is annoying.  A lot of people use a mobile phone instead of a landline. So they rely on a mobile signal to make and receive their calls. But if you can’t get decent network coverage when you need it the most, what are you supposed to do? Simply put you can buy a Best MTN Signal Booster that will boost your MTN signals and make it complete a 5 bars signal strength.

You no longer need to go on the roof or stick around windows to wait for strong enough signals so that you can make or receive your calls.  ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa), the industry’s regulator, has given permission for companies to start selling mobile signal booster kits.

These were previously not allowed because it was thought they interfered with local signal transmitters, but research has concluded that this is not true. The new laws mean that anyone who experiences poor signal strength on their MTN mobile phone can buy and use a mobile phone signal repeater to give it a boost.

MTN Coverage

MTN claims it covers 99% of South Africa, but as MTN customers know, there is a big difference between MTN’s claims and status in the real world. All kinds of things can interfere with MTN network coverage. Older buildings with thick walls often have issues.

Living too far away from a cellular mast dampens the signal too. And if you live in a rural area, especially a mountainous one, well, you may as well stick to a landline.

Thankfully, the problem of the poor signal problem has a solution. A mobile booster can lift one or two bars of signal right up to four or five bars. It is a perfect solution to your MTN mobile phone coverage issues.

MTN Mobile Signal Booster Kits

We sell MTN mobile signal booster kits to MTN customers. You can use a signal amplifier to improve your poor MTN signal quality at home.

Without much ado buy yourself an MTN mobile phone signal booster if your MTN device is experiencing issues at home. Our MTN mobile phone boosters are super easy to install. They don’t take more than 15 minutes to install and use. Once your MTN signal booster is up and running, you can look forward to a much stronger network signal.

Whether you need a 4G Signal booster or a 3G Signal Booster, we have got you covered. An MTN phone signal repeater uses an outside receiver antenna to pick up the signal and direct it to an amplifier booster box. The mobile signal booster amplifies the signal and transmits to an internal antenna. This works as a home cell tower for your device. It’s just like living next to a mobile phone transmitter.

Installing an MTN Mobile Signal Booster Kit

All of our mobile repeater kits come with full instructions. So you won’t have a problem installing the antenna and MTN mobile phone signal booster. However, we don’t recommend these kits when you have no signal at all. If this is the case, you may consider switching to a different network. So, if MTN isn’t working out for you, try Vodacom, Rain, Cell C, or Telkom.

Buy MTN Signal Repeaters

If you are still not sure which signal booster you should buy talk to the team at Mobile Signal Boosters South Africa and we will help you get the best MTN mobile signal booster for you.

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