how to fix 4g signal issues

How to Fix 4G Signal Issues

Are you facing issues with your 4G network? The weaker network and signals can be due to various reasons. To find a relevant solution to fix 4G signal issues, we need to address the core problem. Here is a list of most common issues that cause an unstable 4G network in South Africa.

  1. Geographical distance can be a problem. If you like too far away from a cell tower, you are bound to receive weak 4G signals.
  2. If you’re surrounded by hills or mountains, they can act as physical obstructions preventing radio waves from reaching you in full strength.
  3. Another common reason for disturbances in your signal strength can be the materials used while constructing your home or office building. Signals find a hard time passing through metal or concrete, often dropping the network speed.
  4. Check your device battery. The problem often isn’t with the network in such cases. If you have a low battery, your device will prioritize keeping it alive for as much time as possible. It will degrade the signal reach to your device. Ensure that your device has a full battery.

The above-listed are a few common issues that can cause 4G Signal issues for different network operators like MTN, Cell C, and Vodacom.

How to Fix 4G signal issues in South Africa?

Once you know what exactly is causing the network issue, finding a solution becomes relatively easier. Below listed are a few methods which you can try out to fix 4G signal issues.

  • Reboot your device.
  • Reset your network settings to default.
  • Manually set your mobile network.
  • Check your phone for a corrupt IMEI.
  • Install the latest software update.

Did nothing work here? Chances are you’ve already tried these methods and exhausted yourself but nothing seemed to work. This can happen especially when you face 4G signal issues on a regular basis. In such instances, you need a better and permanent solution. Consider installing a 4G Mobile Signal booster at your home/office. It works for every major network operator in South Africa.

What is a 4G Mobile Signal Booster?

What if you could achieve a stable network and faster 4G signals anytime, anywhere; even while traveling? Yes, that’s possible with a signal booster. You may call it a Cell repeater. It is a device designed to ensure that you receive faster signals and stable network strength. There are three main components connected by a Coax cable, that ensure the proper working of this device.

  • External Antenna – It catches the weaker signals in your network.
  • Amplifier – It boosts the signals received by the external antenna.
  • Internal Antenna – It releases the increased signals in your network area.

Advantages of a 4G Signal Booster

  • Faster Internet speed
  • High uplink and downlink power
  • No video buffering
  • No more call dropping
  • The stable network even while traveling
  • High resolution video/audio
  • Better calls with higher voice clarity
  • High Mobility
  • Easier to install and maintain

Get your 4G Mobile Signal Booster now to Fix 4G Signal issues instantly!

South Africa Boosters offers you premium quality Mobile signal boosters which perform efficiently at an affordable price. Since there are many fake platforms that guarantee you a legal and high-quality signal booster, we recommend getting your signal booster from a verified source. You can check our website which has several choices for every major network operator in South Africa. Get the cell booster that fits perfectly for you.

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