how to fix your cellular network issues

How to Fix Your Cellular Network Issues

You may say something like below when you have cellular network issues.

“I don’t even have three bars. How am I supposed to attend my online classes?”

“I can’t even attend the seminars I paid for. How do I even, with this slow Internet!”

“I know we planned a family movie night but I don’t think we can stream it with such a slow network.”

Have you been in similar situations before and are finding out a way to just fix your cellular network issues? We know that it can be annoying and bothersome to a great extent. You might not be able to attend meetings, plan client calls or spend some ME time without your favorite movies. We might just have the right solution for your Cellular network issues. Before getting to that, analyzing what is causing the network issue is crucial.

Why do I have a weak network connection?

  • Your nearest cell tower might be facing traffic. When several devices connect to the same server, the signal strength tends to decline. To temporarily get a better network, try switching off 4G LTE. You may get a better network strength with 3G than you were getting with 4G LTE.
  • The issue often lies with the construction material used to build your house or office building. Concrete and Metal makes it difficult for the radio waves to pass through, giving you a weaker signal.
  • Are you living in an area surrounded by hills or mountains? Geographical obstructions often cause network signals to lower and you might not receive five-bar signal strength.
  • Physical obstructions can be another major reason for having an unstable cellular network. It’s always best to have minimum obstructions between your device and the nearest cell tower. Try to remove as many obstructions as possible.

How do I fix my Cellular Network Issues?

Now, that we know the issue behind your unstable network; we have just the right solution for you. The Internet may suggest you reboot your device, reset your network settings, turn off/on airplane mode or maybe update your phone software. We know that you tried it all but nothing really gave you a permanent solution. Install a Mobile Signal booster at your home.

Also known as Cell Repeater, this device is designed to offer you a stronger cellular network and five-bar signal strength. It has three main components that ensure the proper functioning of the device. Several users in South Africa are already using the Mobile booster device to get a stable, faster network whenever and wherever required. What are you waiting for? This is a permanent solution that would fix all your cellular network issues once and for all.

Will a Mobile Signal Booster work for me?

A cell signal repeater will improve your Internet speed, i.e., faster downloads and uploads. With a higher uplink/downlink power, the call quality will improve and you won’t face call dropping anymore. You can now attend meetings and seminars without worrying about a slow internet connection. Stream high-resolution videos/audios without facing any buffering.

South Africa Boosters offers you an extensive list of high-quality signal boosters that are ICASA approved, i.e., tested for quality standards. You can skim through our website to find out which device will suit you best. Choose the mobile signal booster depending on your requirement for coverage area, network provider, voice/data, 3G/4G/5G, and such. You can always contact our customer support team for any kind of assistance. Check out our website and get your signal booster now!


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