how to squeeze more value from your monthly cellular plan

How to Squeeze More Value from Your Monthly Cellular Plan

If you are paying for a cellular plan, you should reap the maximum benefits. Depending on which carrier you’re using, you have a myriad of prepaid and postpaid plans. How do you get the best out of your monthly plans? You may have thought out ways to utilize your everyday data pack completely, but the slow internet connection might not let that happen. Have an unlimited call plan? Let’s call your best friends and talk for hours, but that isn’t possible with call dropping.

“I have 2GB left for my daily data pack, but how do I use it with such a slow speed?”

“I am tired of the low call quality. How do I call anyone?”

If you have been in similar situations before looking for a solution, hear us out. What if you could enjoy a high-speed internet connection, high clarity while making calls, and get rid of call-dropping anytime, anywhere? Seems too good to be true? But, you can get these benefits and squeeze more value out of your cellular plan.

You can install a mobile signal booster at your home and enjoy high-speed internet without spending an extra dime. Doesn’t that sound incredible? Let’s talk about the mobile signal booster and how can it help you enjoy faster and stronger mobile internet.

What is a Mobile Signal booster?

A Mobile booster is a device specifically designed for enhancing the signal strength of a mobile network carrier. Mobile signal booster has three components that are an amplifier, an outdoor antenna, and an internal antenna. The outdoor antenna catches the radio waves, i.e., weaker signals in your cellular network range. The Amplifier boosts them and sends boosted signal to the internal antenna. The internal antenna releases the increased signals in your home. This is an affordable and effective solution to solve your network problems and get the most out of your data plans.

This device works for all the major network providers in South Africa, including Cell C, MTN, Telkom, and Vodacom. For example – You use 4G services of MTN. You should look for a 4G cell booster for MTN or a Universal 4G booster which works for almost every network carrier in South Africa. The same process follows for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. Several users in the country have already installed this device and are enjoying uninterrupted high-speed network connectivity. What are you waiting for, order your signal booster today and enjoy an uninterrupted signal?

Why should I install a Mobile Signal Booster?

While there are no other effective ways to increase your mobile internet speed. You can try rebooting your device or resetting your network setting back to default. This necessarily won’t improve your call clarity. A mobile signal booster enhances every aspect of your connection to offer you a faster and stable network.

Below are some features of a mobile signal booster:

  • Improved call clarity
  • High-speed Internet
  • High uplink/downlink power
  • Quick downloads/uploads
  • Stream videos in high-resolution
  • Play games in extreme graphics
  • Enjoy Seamless Browsing
  • No more call dropping

The benefits are endless once you get a cell booster installed at your home or office. If you’re looking to cover a larger building, you can opt for a device that covers a larger area or go for multiple internal antennas that can work together. Universal mobile signal boosters are best when you’re in an office or larger building where everyone uses a different network carrier. Universal signal boosters work for all signal frequencies and every cellular carrier.

Where Can I get a High-quality Signal Booster?

Now that you’re ready to squeeze the most out of your cellular plan let’s find a reliable source for you. You can get a high-quality cell booster at Mobile Boosters South Africa. We have an extensive range of premium quality but affordable signal boosters. These signal boosters are affordable, effective, and legally approved to be used in South Africa. Get a signal booster for your carrier. We offer free delivery across all locations in the country. If you aren’t satisfied with the product performance, you can get all your money back within 30 days of making the purchase. Check our website and make your purchase now!

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