mobile phone signal boosters in south africa

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters in South Africa

South Africa has pretty good mobile network coverage in urban and suburban areas that house about 70% of the country’s population. However, once you go to rural regions, you are likely to strike various issues ranging from a weak signal to no service whatsoever. This means that about 19 million people residing outside large cities suffer from poor mobile network quality. If a weak signal is nothing new to you, you have two options – either put up with it or make use of mobile phone signal boosters in South Africa. These little devices are a smart investment into reliable and crystal clear voice calls as well as stable mobile internet.

How Mobile Phone Signal Boosters in South Africa Can Improve Your Experience

It is probably impossible to make your mobile operator install more cell towers but it is in your power to bring a better signal to your house. This is what mobile signal boosters are for.

You just need to mount it somewhere in a discreet place and it will dramatically improve your signal strength. This includes:

  • better signal for 3G and 4G transmissions;
  • increased stability for voice and video calls, text messages, as well as faster Internet;
  • longer battery life for your mobile device because it will no longer have to spend power to search for a signal.

A mobile phone signal booster (also known as a repeater or amplifier) is a small box that consists of an external antenna, internal antenna, amplifier, and mount set.

An external antenna, which receives the transmission from your mobile network, is installed outside, usually on the roof or outside the window.

A signal comes from this antenna to an amplifier capable of boosting it up to 30 times. Finally, the amplified signal goes to the internal antenna, which broadcasts it inside the premises.

Speaking of those, each mobile signal amplifier has a certain coverage range. Low-power boosters will do nicely for smaller areas such as a car, boat, or studio apartment.

Middle-range repeaters are able to cover from 500 to 1000 square meters, which makes they are excellent for houses, offices, and smaller buildings.

Finally, there are super powerful models capable of improving mobile signals in large residential and public buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

South Africa Mobile Operators

There are four major mobile operators in South Africa: MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, and Telkom, as well as data-only mobile network Rain launched in 2018.

Together, the top-4 providers have about 100 million subscribers. Interestingly, such figures imply that the majority of people have at least 2 SIM cards because South Africa’s population is less than 60 million people.

One of the reasons why people switch between network carriers is poor signal, especially outside metropolitan areas.

Besides the mentioned mobile service providers, South African residents can benefit from a dozen virtual mobile network operators (VMNO) including FNB Connect, Lycamobile, Virgin Mobile, MRP Mobile, Me & You, The Unlimited, and some others.

Most of these companies utilize Cell C as their host network. Meaning they have access to the same coverage and the same frequencies as Cell C subscribers. Even though there are more VMNOs than regular carriers, they fail to shake the telecom industry. Their aggregate subscriber base was less than 2 million users as of 2019.

Vodacom Mobile Signal Boosters

Vodafone’s subsidiary in South Africa, Vodacom, is the largest cellular provider in South Africa. Its estimated client base is 43 million, which is 40% more than that of the runner-up. The service has won the loyalty of so many people thanks to:

  • the 4G network that covers 77.6% of the population and is available 74.4% of the time;
  • 3G coverage is available to 99.4% of South Africa’s residents;
  • fast mobile Internet (the average download and upload speeds are 32Mbps and 12Mbps respectively).

You’re less likely to strike dead spots in the metropolitan areas. It is the rural regions where connectivity issues occur. If this is the case, there is nothing easier than installing a Vodacom mobile signal booster in your house, or at work, and let it improve the cell phone signal strength from one to five bars.

MTN Mobile Signal Boosters

Although MTN has only 30 million subscribers (it’s the second-largest telecom company in South Africa), it comes out tops in a number of other important criteria:

  • its 4G network availability is slightly over 80% while the closest rival is 5% behind;
  • the 4G network is accessible to 75% of the population (the 3G network covers 97%);
  • with download speeds of around 40 Mbps and upload speeds of 15 Mbps, it arguably has the fastest mobile internet.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call MTN the best performing mobile operator in South Africa. Does it mean that its network is available everywhere? Not exactly. Most of its cell towers are located in the Johannesburg conurbation, Great Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth areas, as well as along the major freeways that link them.

One step aside from these territories and the quality of mobile reception as well its availability drops significantly. If poor signal and slow internet overshadow your life, you can reverse a trend with an MTN mobile signal booster. It can strengthen even the weakest signal and significantly improve your experience with the network.

Cell C Mobile Signal Boosters

Cell C can’t keep up with either Vodacom or MTN in terms of scale, coverage, and performance:

  • it has approximately 17 million subscribers;
  • its 3G network stretches over territories where 96% of South Africans reside, while the 4G connection is available only to 32% of the people;
  • 4G signal uptime is 75%;
  • it delivers average download speeds of around 17Mbps while upload speeds rarely exceed 5Mbps.

Cell C doesn’t have the most impressive network meaning you might experience signal issues even in metropolitan areas. The coverage in the rural regions leaves much to be desired as well. To somehow improve the situation, the company reached a partnership agreement with Vodacom to utilize its network in the outlying areas.

If this didn’t help to strengthen your signal, everything now is in your own hands. Get a Cell C mobile signal booster and let it work miracles with the quality of your 3G and 4G reception.

Telkom Mobile Signal Boosters

The wooden spoon in the battle for the best South African mobile provider goes to Telkom. It trails behind in almost every aspect:

  • it has a little less than 10 million clients;
  • the 3G network covers 56% of the population while the 4G is accessible to 41%;
  • the 4G availability is 71% of the time;
  • its average download and upload speeds are respectively 17Mbps and 8Mbps.

If Telkom happens to be your mobile operator, the chances are that you run into troubles with a mobile connection in one way or another. You don’t have to wait until your provider expands and improves its network. Better quality for voice calls, VoIP services, and text messages is available today thanks to Telkom mobile signal boosters. Install one in your house and secure 5 bars on your phone at all times.


For the problems of poor cellular signal the only solution is mobile phone signal boosters in South Africa. That’s the reason mobile phone signal boosters in South Africa are so much in demand. Whether you are a Vodacom, C Cell, MTN or a Telkom user, a mobile phone signal booster can help you enjoy your communication uninterrupted.

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