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Around half of the mobile users still use 3G for their mobile internet needs. The unfortunate truth is that after decades of 3G being in existence the 3G signal is still not reliable and strong enough for use in many places. But you need not worry as we have got you covered. We have the largest range of 3G data booster.

3G data booster is popularly known as the 3G signal booster. A 3G signal booster works on the frequency that is used by the cellular service providers for providing 3G services. Hence, it doesn’t interfere with the other types of radio signals.

A 3G signal booster has three main components i.e., an external antenna, an indoor antenna, and a booster. The external antenna is placed outside the building where it catches the available weak 3G signal and sends it to the booster. The booster then boosts the weak signal and makes it complete 5 bar signal strength. After boosting the signal booster sends the boosted signal to the internal antenna. The internal antenna then broadcasts the boosted signal inside the building. Hence, residents of the building enjoy boosted 3G signal strength.

Buy our 3G Mobile Signal Boosters which are designed especially for South Africa’s mobile carriers with confidence. We offer 30 Days money-back guarantee on all our products. Installation of the mobile signal booster takes just a couple of minutes and then you can enjoy superb mobile signal strength even in the basement of your house.

Use our easy installation guide and correctly install the product to make the best use of it. In case you need help from our customer service team in the installation you can always contact us. Best quality products and best customer service is our promise and we live up to our promise.

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