4g signal booster

Most of the mobile users use 4G for their cellular data needs. But, it is unfortunate that many of those users are not able to make the best use of their 4G signals because the 4G signals they receive are not strong and hence unusable. But, there is a hope called 4G Signal Booster that helps the users enhance the quality of the 4G signal they receive.

A 4G signal booster works on the same frequency that the cellular service providers use to broadcast the 4G signals. Hence, these boosters don’t interfere with other radio signals.

The booster has three main components that work together to boost the 4G signals. It has an internal antenna, an external antenna, and a booster. These three components are connected together with a coax cable that doesn’t lose signal strength due to the length of the cable.

The external antenna is placed outside the building on the roof or the window where it can catch the available signal. This antenna after catching the signal sends it to the booster. The booster then enhances the strength of the signal and sends it to the internal antenna. An internal antenna is placed inside the building.

The internal antenna broadcasts the boosted signal inside the building so that the residents can enjoy strong 4G signals. These signal boosters are quite easy to install and require no technical knowledge. You can install and use the signal booster in less than 15 minutes. We offer free doorstep delivery in entire South Africa. Also, we have a 30 days return policy if you are happy with the performance of the booster you buy from us.

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