4g south africa booster

4G South Africa Booster is one of the highest searched terms online in South Africa. You understand why is it so. Simply putting people face 4G signal issues in the country and they need a robust solution to that problem. Of course, telcos are not going to help them into that but they are not left without any choice.

The people who face 4G signal issues can buy and install our best quality 4G South Africa Booster. Based on how much area they want to cover and how many users they want to get supported and benefited from this booster they can choose their 4G signal booster.

Our signal boosters can cover 300 Square meters, 500 square meters, 1000 square meters, and 5000 square meters. The boosters that cover 300 square meters can support 6 users at a time. The 500 square meters booster supports 10 users. Whereas the 1000 square meters signal boosters support 25 users. The 5000 square meters signal booster supports 250 users.

4G signal boosters work on 1800 MHz frequency band. All the cellular service providers use this same frequency to provide 4G signals in South Africa. Hence, our 4G signal boosters don’t interfere with other radio signals. Our signal boosters are legal to use in South Africa. We offer free doorstep delivery in the entire country. Also, we have 30 days return policy on all our products. So, if you are not happy with the performance of the signal booster you can return it.

If you have any questions regarding any of the products on our website please contact us.

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