cell booster accessories

There are plenty of cell booster accessories that you can use along with the signal booster to give it more power and convenience.

For instance, if you want to add more internal antennas to your booster to cover more area in your building or office you can use the two-way splitter, three-way splitter, or four-way splitter.

You can add two internal antennas with the help of a two-way splitter. Similarly, you can add three and four internal antennas with three-way and four-antenna with a three-way and four-way splitters.

Now, if you want to add more internal antennas you can choose from the Omni antenna. These are small but very powerful antennas that look like smoke detectors and can be easily mounted in the ceiling.

To add more antennas to your booster you need a coax cable to connect them. You can buy 10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters, and up to 200 meters depending on your need.

You would need a power surge protector if your area has fluctuations in the electricity. This power surge protector keeps your booster safe in situations of power fluctuations.

If you don’t want to punch holes in your wall to pass the cable you can buy a window jumper that helps you pass your cables through windows without damaging them. It is a very high-quality metallic cable that can pass below the window panes without obstructing anything.

You may want to add a Yagi antenna if your area has one or two bar signals available. Yaggi antenna is a super gain antenna that can catch signals from up to 500 meters.

So, these are all the cell booster accessories you can use with your signal booster for more power.

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