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With mobile, you need some mobile accessories for keeping your mobile safer and work better and longer.

In this case, we are discussing the mobile signal booster accessories. As you know that the mobile signal booster is a small electronic device that helps you improve your mobile signal reception.

Usually, a mobile signal booster has three main components. It has an internal antenna, an external antenna, and an amplifier. All these components are connected together with the help of a coax cable.

Now the standard cable that comes with the mobile signal booster is of standard length. These are 5 meters and 10 meters to connect the internal and external antennas with the amplifier.

If you need more length of the coax cable you can buy that from the accessories section of our website.

For instance, you can buy a 2-way splitter, 3-way splitter, 4-way splitter to add more internal antennas to your signal amplifier.

You can buy as many internal antennas as you want to cover more areas and rooms in your building.

By default, the signal boosters come with a panel outdoor antenna. This antenna is useful if you have at least 3 bar signals available in your area. But if you have a poor signal available to you in the area then you need to buy a Yaggi antenna.

The Yaggi antenna is a very powerful high-gain antenna. It gives even more power to your signal booster to boost the signal strength. There are many other accessories you can buy and use as per your need.

If your area has a power fluctuation issue then you can buy and use a power surge protector to save your device from damage due to a power surge.

Check out the accessories page on our website and buy the mobile accessories you want.

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