south africa 3g booster

All the major cellular service providers in South Africa offer 3G services to their customers. Though most of the users now use 4G signals but still there a good number of users still use 3G. There are many reasons for that. But, the 3G services are also not available because of the poor infrastructure in many areas. For those users who want to improve their 3G signal strength, we have South Africa 3G Booster.

Why we are calling it a South Africa 3G Booster?

Well, in South Africa government has allowed only 2100 MHz frequency band to broadcast the 3G signals for all the cellular service providers. In many other countries, 3G services are offered on other frequency bands.

And the 3G Boosters are built to work on the frequency that is approved by the country. Hence, a 3G Signal Booster that works in Russia may not work in South Africa. Also, every country has different standards for the use of electronic products by its citizens.

So if you have to buy a 3G Signal Booster you should know about it. We sell 3G signal boosters that are built especially for South Africa. That’s because our 3G signal boosters are built as per the guidelines of the ICASA.

You can buy a 3G signal booster from our website for any carrier you are using. We provide free shipping on all our products throughout the country. Also, we offer 30 days money-back guarantee on all our products if you are not happy with their performance.

Don’t wait to buy your 3G Mobile Signal Booster today!

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