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MTN or Telkom – Which One is Better

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When it comes to finding the best network operator in South Africa, MTN and Telkom can be formidable. Both the carriers have successfully established a large chunk of subscribers from different parts of the location. MTN is a telecommunication company that enjoys approximately 37% of the market share here. It has added 29 million subscribers […]

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How to Fix Your Cellular Network Issues

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You may say something like below when you have cellular network issues. “I don’t even have three bars. How am I supposed to attend my online classes?” “I can’t even attend the seminars I paid for. How do I even, with this slow Internet!” “I know we planned a family movie night but I don’t […]

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How to Buy Best MTN Signal Booster

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MTN is one of the largest mobile network providers in South Africa, yet it can’t offer users 100% coverage. Not having good mobile network coverage at home or office is annoying.  A lot of people use a mobile phone instead of a landline. So they rely on a mobile signal to make and receive their […]

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