vodacom or cell c which is best

Vodacom or Cell C – Which is Best

This is probably the most asked question right now. Vodacom and Cell C are both unstoppable network carriers expanding at a rapid pace. According to research done by OpenSignal, Vodacom has established itself as a leading dominant network provider in South Africa. It has won six out of seven of its national awards, scoring high in the categories for regional speed and Latency.

Compared to Cell C, Vodacom gets the benefit of being an older network with several subscribers. Cell C, on the other hand, is a newer company, still establishing itself. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t a reliable network provider. Even if it’s a smaller company, it has successfully reached a milestone with its subscribers’ number providing a stable South Africa network.

Which one is a better network?

Download + Upload speed

If we look at their overall 3G and 4G download speeds, Vodacom ranked first, followed by MTN on the second and Cell C on the third spot. So, this pretty much tells us that Vodacom offers a faster internet connection than the latter. For the 3G upload speed, Cell C ranks higher than Vodacom, whereas vice versa follows the 4G upload speed.

Best Latency

The next parameter to decide the best network is Latency. No doubt, Vodacom is a clear winner when it comes to tests for the Latency speed. Keep in mind that the lower the latency speed, the better. Vodacom offers a 3G latency speed of 42ms, whereas Cell C offers 70ms. For 4G latency speed, Cell C offers 40 ms, whereas Vodacom has 28 ms.

4G Availability

Surprisingly, Vodacom and Cell C both don’t rank first here. When it comes to 4G availability, MTN beats everyone, taking first place. Next comes Vodacom and then Cell C. Vodacom offers a 73% 4G availability whereas Cell C provides 62%.

Regional Performance

When will look at the major metro cities, Vodacom is a winner for download/upload speeds and latencies. Cell C managed to get a win in Cape town for its impeccable network connectivity.

The Final Verdict?

We have listed the major defining factors for finding out the best network carrier in SA. If we take a closer look and evaluate, Vodacom is a clear winner. Cell C is a relatively new company when compared to the latter. It is still expanding itself, experimenting with new deals and technologies. This doesn’t mean that Cell C wouldn’t work for you. If you have a strong signal strength for this carrier or cell towers around your locality, it might work better for you than Vodacom.

Are you facing Network issues?

It is a possibility that you might face network issues with both Vodacom and Cell C. In such an instance, your only solution would be installing a mobile signal booster device for whichever network provider you’re using. Sometimes, the best networks might fail at providing you with a stable network connection. This can happen when there are geographical or physical obstructions between your device antenna and the nearest cell tower.

A cell booster device catches the weaker signals in the form of radio waves and boosts them. This provides you with a more robust network connection anywhere, anytime. It’s a permanent and affordable solution for all your network issues for both Vodacom and Cell C.

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