what blocks mobile phone signal

What Blocks Mobile Phone Signal

If you are facing a mobile phone signal problem at your home or office then there could plenty of reasons for it. But, the reality is no reason is justified because you want to have full strength mobile phone signal to make and receive your calls uninterrupted. Anything blocking your mobile signal means it is interrupting your digital life.

Let’s find out what blocks mobile phone signal because of which you are unable to enjoy your mobile usage the way you should actually do. We will also see what you can do to fix it so that you can get the most from your 4G LTE network.

In this article, we will first discuss the diagnostic checks you can do when you have poor cell phone reception.

Then we will help you find out exactly which of the factors are responsible and blocks mobile phone signal in your area. Also, we will explore the options which can fix the problem that blocks mobile phone signal for you.

External Factors That Blocks Your Mobile Phone Signal

Usually, cellular service providers try to provide reliable networks to every customer. However, there are various external factors that block mobile phone signals. It can cause issues like dropped calls, slow data speeds, or other problems.

Those external factors include the distance from the cell tower, physical barriers such as buildings, nature, weather, or network congestion. All these factors may cause the poor reception of cellular signals.

Densely Populated Areas or Congestion in Network

Every cellular tower has a limited capacity to serve the number of people connected to that tower. So, if a lot of people connect to that cellular tower and using the cellular service, it can impact your service. Let’s take an example to make it more clear and understandable for you.

For instance, if you are in or around a stadium during a live match where there are tens of thousands of people are present and their mobile phones are active, all their phones connect to the cellular masts nearby, in such instances, you will find that you are not able to make and receive your calls clearly.

That’s because the cellular towers can handle only a number of connections at a time. And in this case, the cellular tower works beyond its capacity and a lot of cell phones are trying to connect to them simultaneously. You may experience call drops and slow data speeds in such situations.

Bad Weather Could Be the Reason that Blocks Mobile Phone Signal

Severe weather conditions such as storms, heavy snow, hail storms, heavy rain, etc, can impact your phone signal reception. These seasonal changes can sometimes make it more difficult for cellular signals to reach you.

These are an all-natural phenomenon and you can’t control them. But, you can use a mobile phone signal booster to make your cellular signal stronger and enjoy uninterrupted mobile communication and browse fast mobile internet.

Physical Barriers

Sky scrappers, Buildings, hills, mountains, and other physical barriers can also block mobile phone signals. Also, building materials such as concrete walls, metal panels, or certain kinds of glass can reflect or absorb signals.

That is why your mobile user experience might be poor in large buildings like hospitals that have a lot of electronics, or basements and other types of interior rooms.

These physical barriers are the hardest to overcome when you’re trying to improve your mobile phone signal. You can overcome these barriers with the help of a mobile phone signal booster.

Distance from the Cellular Tower

It is important for a mobile device to be in the clear range of the nearest cellular tower to receive signals. If there are obstructions between the mobile device and the cellular tower you may experience poor cellular signal reception.

The poor cellular signal reception can also happen if you are too low, too high, too far, or even too near to the tower with the transmitter pointing out too far.

It needs to be noted that antenna transmitters on cell towers are positioned in order to provide the largest population possible with coverage and might not be aimed at your specific direction. So you could be out of luck if you happen to be on the other side of the tower.

Current cellular technologies also have varying broadcast ranges that determine how far the signal is able to reach. So your experience can vary depending on whether or not your mobile service company’s tower is within range of where you are located.

In such cases, a mobile signal booster is of great help to enhance the signal quality and providing consistently high-quality signal strength to the users.

Broken or Damaged Phone

If you accidentally drop and break or damage your phone, it can impact your signal reception. Mobile phones have various interconnected internal components.

When any of these components is broken it may cause other components to malfunction. This may cause problems in signal reception for you to talk or browse the internet on your mobile.

Broken Internal Antenna of Phone

In modern smartphones, the antenna of the phone is built inside the phone. If the phone is accidentally dropped in some cases these antennas break and cause in poor signal reception.

So, if you have ever dropped your phone do check for the internal breakage of the antenna. In such a case you need to change your phone or repair it.

Old Phone

If you are using an old phone then it may have no facility to receive the 4G or 3G frequency. The old phones can only receive 2G signals. So, if you are using an old phone it’s time to upgrade your device. Upgrading your device might resolve your signal reception issues.

Outdated Software

It is important to keep your phone’s software updated. Sometimes, the old outdated version of the software on your phone can also impact your cell phone’s signal reception capacity.

Check for the software update on your phone. And if your phone’s software is old then immediately update your software. Updating your phone software to the latest version might help you receive the improved signal.

Incorrect Phone Settings

If your phone settings are not correct it may impact your phone signal reception. Do check your phone’s settings, if you have a problem receiving signals on your phone.

If your settings are incorrect, correct your phone settings. Sometimes, your phone hangs because multiple applications opened simultaneously. It may be because of using the maximum capacity of your phone’s RAM or any outdated application.

In such cases update the applications on your phone and trying using lesser applications at a time on your phone. Sometimes, rebooting your phone can also resolve your phone signal reception problem.

How to Determine What Blocks Mobile Phone Signal in Your Case?

Now that you are aware of all of the potential factors, it is time to determine which specific factor is weakening the signal on your cell phone.

If you only experience performance issues at certain times of the year or day, then the problem is probably being caused by either heavy use of the network or certain seasonal trends like events attended by large amounts of people that are overloading the capacity of the tower.

However, if you are always experiencing the same issue with a specific device in a specific location then most likely the location is being affected by either an obstructed view of your provider’s cell tower or physical barrier.

What is the Solution for the Mobile Phone Signal Issues?

A Mobile Phone Signal Booster can help improve your cellular signals which can enhance your mobile communication experience significantly. So check out our range of mobile phone signal boosters to see which one will suit you best.

In case you need any help regarding choosing the right mobile signal booster you can always contact us and our team will help you with everything.

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