which is the best cellular service in south africa

Which is the Best Cellular Service in South Africa

The primary network operators in South Africa are MTN, Telkom, Cell C, Rain, and Vodacom. These carriers have established a firm subscriber number over the years. We take some categories into perspective here – video experience, download speed, latency experience, and 4G availability to decide on a specific carrier. Several studies have been conducted to find out the best cellular service in South Africa.

Deciding Factors for Best Cellular Service

MTN and Vodacom land ahead for the Video Experience Category

Both MTN and Vodacom prove as tough competitors scoring an average of 72 points and 70 points, respectively.  This means that they provide a video experience better than the other carriers in South Africa. Cell C lowered the gap from 5.6 points to 0.6 points in the latest report.

Network Quality score Test – Downloading/Uploading speed

Network Operator Download speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps) Network Quality Score
MTN 55.11 22.78 9.68
Vodacom 29.80 10.97 5.99
Cell C 17.82 8.67 4.27
Telkom 23.60 6.70 5.16
Rain 10.02 9.44 3.74

The Network Quality score out of 10 shows how one carrier performed with the others. MTN and Vodacom lead in this category.

Latency Experience

When it comes to Latency in ms, a lower number indicates a better experience., the lower the number, the better. MTN and Vodacom are joint winners with a score of 36.2 ms. Telkom ranked third, offering 43.8 ms, while Cell C showed 48.1 ms latency.

4G Coverage Experience in 0 – 10 points

Vodacom lands the highest with a score of 6.2 points. MTN scored 5.8 points, followed by Telkom with 4.4 points. Cell C lags here with a score of 4.1 points. This is an average figure based on the studies conducted in 2020.

4G Availability in % of time

MTN is the clear winner when it comes to 4G Availability in South Africa, with a score of 88.4%. The second carrier to rank is Telkom with an average of 85.9%, followed by Vodacom – 82.5% and Cell C – 76.8%.

So this gives you a fair idea of the cellular networks in South Africa and their features. Based on the statistics you just went through you can easily choose the best cellular service.

How to Solve Network Issues?

The factors above show that currently MTN and Vodacom are the best network providers in South Africa. They have ranked higher than the competitors in almost every category. But what if you face network issues even with the best networks? This might happen when the signal strength gets lowered due to the location, you’re at (surrounded by hills), or your nearest cell tower is facing excess traffic.

If you’re facing network problems regularly, you need a solution that works permanently. Getting a mobile booster device for your home or office is the best solution. It would boost your signal strength, offering you a faster network anytime, anywhere. You can get a portable cell booster that gives you a stable network when you’re traveling. Install the signal booster on the roof of your car or boat, and you’re good to go.

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