3g signal booster

Though everyone wants to use 4G signal as it is faster and everyone needs more data speed. But, the unfortunate truth is that the 4G signal is not so good in many areas. The problem is not only with the 4G signals but also with the 3G and Voice signals. If you want to enhance the speed of your 4G signals you need a good quality 3G Signal Booster.

You should know that still, most mobile users prefer 3G for their mobile internet usage. 3G is still the most reliable signal and to make it more reliable you need a 3G Signal Booster in South Africa.

How Does a 3G Signal Booster Works?

A signal booster has three main components that work together to provide the user with a strong mobile signal. It has an internal antenna, an outdoor antenna, and a booster. All these three components are connected together with a coax cable.

The outdoor antenna is placed outside the building where it catches the available weak signals from the nearest cellular signal tower. This outdoor antenna sends the weak signal to the booster. The booster then boosts that weak signal to make it complete 5 bar signal strength.

The booster after boosting the signal sends it to the internal antenna. Then the internal antenna broadcasts the boosted signal inside the building. That way the residents in the building enjoy high speed and reliable signal strength.

These boosters are easy to install and use. We offer 30 days return guarantee if you are not happy with the performance of the booster. Also, we offer free doorstep delivery in entire South Africa. Shop your signal booster now.

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