Vodacom has over 41 million subscribers in South Africa. That means over 58% of the total mobile phone users in South Africa use Vodacom as their cellular network. But, it is unfortunate that despite being the largest cellular provider the signal loss and dead zones are not an exception. Signal loss and poor signals of the Vodacom network are a nightmare for the users. To help you always stay connected to the network and enjoy high-speed mobile internet data we bring you Vodacom Signal Booster. Our range of Vodacom Signal Boosters comprises 2G, 3G, 4G, single band, dual-band, and tri-band boosters. Our Vodacom boosters can cover areas from 300 square meters to 5000 square meters. Whatever your requirement is we have got you covered with our Vodacom Signal Boosters.

How does a Vodacom signal booster Solve Your Connection Issues?

The Vodacom Signal booster has three components. An external antenna, amplifier, and internal antenna. The external antenna takes the weak outside signal from the nearest cellular tower and sends to the amplifier. Then the amplifier boosts that signal to make it complete 5 bar signal strength and sends it to the internal antenna. The internal antenna then broadcasts the amplified full-strength signal inside the house or office. This way you get a full-strength signal to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted signal and conversation. Vodacom signal boosters also improve the cell phone internet connection 3G and 4G via this very amplification method.

Installing our Vodacom signal boosters is super simple and doesn’t take more than 15 minutes. Everything you need to install and use these boosters comes inside the booster kit.

Vodacom uses three different frequency bands to provide its 2G, 3G, and 4G services. For instance, it provides its 2G services on 900 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz, and 4G on 1800 MHz frequency bands.

We have Vodacom Signal Boosters for all your needs. For instance, if you only want to improve your Voice signals you can choose from our 900 MHz signal boosters. If you want to improve your 3G signals you can choose from our 2100 MHz boosters. Similarly, if you want to improve your 4G signals you can choose from our 1800 MHz signal boosters.

But, what if you want to improve Voice and 3G signals, or Voice and 4G signals, or all Voice, 3G, and 4G Signals. Don’t worry we have every possible solution for you. If you want to improve Voice and 3G signals you can choose from our Dual-band 3G Signal Boosters. Similarly, if you want to improve your Voice and 4G signals you can choose from our Dual-Band 4G Signal Boosters.

If you want to improve all the three services i.e., Voice, 3G, and 4G signals you can choose from our Tri-band signal boosters. These boosters work on every frequency and are capable to enhance every type of signal strength.

You can choose the boosters based on what type of signals you want to improve and how much area you want to cover. Also, you can choose from boosters that can cover from 300 square meters and 5000 square meters.

Don’t struggle with your signal problem, get a perfect solution from us.