how to stay safe from mobile phone radiation

How to Stay Safe from Mobile Phone Radiation?

Everyone knows that mobile phones emit radiation. Mobile phones emit radio-frequency energy popularly called mobile phone radiation that can be harmful to our bodies when constantly exposed to it.

We cannot carry our day-to-day without mobile phones as they are our device keeping us connected to the world. The only possible way to avoid radiation is by taking some precautionary measures. Here are some tips that will help you to stay safe from mobile phone radiation.

Avoid Using Your Mobile Phone with Weak Mobile Signal

When the signals are low in any area the mobile phone tries to connect and gain more signal strength from the nearest mobile tower, and to do this it uses more power. When this power increases, the radiation emission from the mobile phone also increases.

In order to stay safe from mobile phone radiation in such a situation, you should avoid using your cell phone. If the use of mobile phones is necessary and inevitable then use a mobile phone signal booster to increase signal strength. This mobile phone signal booster amplifies the signal and hence your mobile receives a better signal and emits less radiation.

Avoid Body Contact

Try not to carry your mobile phone in your pockets while it is on. Even if you are not using it, your mobile phone emits radiation that can be harmful to your body. It is recommended that you should have at least 10mm space between you and your mobile phone.

A cover on the mobile phone can be helpful in reducing the effect of radiation. Also, it will keep your phone safe from scratches and damages.

Keep Your Phone Adequately Charged

When you carry your phone, make sure that it has a good battery charge. Because, when on low battery a mobile phone tries to keep running all the applications and also tries to receive as much as a signal it can.

In this process, it emits a lot of radiation which can be harmful to your body and health. Try to keep your battery charged over 60% when you are carrying it in your pocket.

Use Corded Landlines More

You can use the call forwarding service on your mobile phone and forward all your mobile phone calls to your landline phone. Then if you switch off the mobile phone, you won’t miss a single call. When you use a corded landline phone, there is no risk of radiation exposure. Avoid using a cordless phone because it also emits microwave radiation just like mobile phones. Its old school but it is safer in terms of keeping you safe from cell phone radiation.

Try Text Messaging

Do not make voice calls unless it is very necessary. Try using text messages to communicate. You can use WhatsApp or any other similar application to text message and communicate. That way you can reduce the radiation exposure from your mobile phone.

When texting, you will hold the mobile phone in your hand which is further away from any vital body organs. This distance creates a buffer between your body and the radiation from the mobile phone. This way you can keep yourself safe from cell phone radiation.

Use a Headset

Use a wired or a Bluetooth headset while making a voice or video call. This ensures that you won’t need to hold your mobile phone near to your head and ears. When the phone is near your body during a voice call, the radiation absorption rate in your body is higher. You can also use the speakerphone while making a call because it also ensures that the mobile phone is away from your body.


Mobile Phones have revolutionized the entire telecommunication industry and have become a vital part of our daily lives. But, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks of radiation which can harm your body and health. The tips discussed in this post will help you reduce your exposure to mobile phone radiation.

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