How to Solve Cell C Signal Issues

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Cell C offers a range of products and services which is supported by its network which has 2G, 3G, LTE and 5G; covering 98% of South Africa’s population. If you’re using Cell C services for your network requirements, there may be chances that you are facing an unstable network or weaker signal strength. In case […]

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How to Choose the Best Cellular Service

When it comes to purchasing a new mobile plan, there are several things you need to take note of. With every new device you purchase, your data requirement also increases. There are certain network carriers which offer a free three-month data plan or plans at discounted prices when you buy a phone. If you do […]

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How to Fix Your Cellular Signal Reception issues

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Are you using the best networks and still having cellular signal reception issues? Telkom, MTN, Cell C, and Vodacom are listed as the top network providers in South Africa, covering most of the parts to offer network services. There can be instances where you might be facing network issues or weaker signal strength. To fix […]

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How to Fix Your Cellular Network Issues

You may say something like below when you have cellular network issues. “I don’t even have three bars. How am I supposed to attend my online classes?” “I can’t even attend the seminars I paid for. How do I even, with this slow Internet!” “I know we planned a family movie night but I don’t […]

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How to Fix Voice Signal Issues on Your Mobile

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Facing voice signal issues can be annoying. Even if you avail network services from the best operators like MTN or Cell C, you might still have an unstable network connection at certain corners of your home or office; or maybe weaker signals in your location. One of the main reasons for having an unstable voice […]

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How to Fix 4G Signal Issues

Are you facing issues with your 4G network? The weaker network and signals can be due to various reasons. To find a relevant solution to fix 4G signal issues, we need to address the core problem. Here is a list of most common issues that cause an unstable 4G network in South Africa. Geographical distance […]

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How to Fix 3G Signal Issues

Sometimes, even the best networks can offer you weaker signal strength or unstable networks. If you’re using major Networks like Cell C, MTN, or Vodacom and still face 3G signal issues, we can help you fix it. Network issues mainly occur due to physical, geographical obstructions or certain materials like the metal used to construct […]

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