mobile signal booster buyers guide 2021 for south africa

Mobile Signal Booster Buyer’s Guide 2021 for South Africa

You won’t deny that you have faced mobile signal network issues once or maybe you face it continuously. There is a high chance that you want to find a solution to your mobile signal issues that’s why you are reading this post. The one and only reliable solution to mobile signal issues are to buy and use a mobile signal booster. But, buying a mobile signal booster itself is a very complex process, because you want to buy the right type of mobile signal booster that is legal, safe to use, and helps improve your mobile signal reception. This Mobile Signal Booster Buyer’s Guide for South Africa will help you understand everything you need to know about the mobile signal boosters.

It is quite important that you buy the right mobile phone signal booster so that you make sure that you won’t get into any legal hassle and the signal booster you invest in works best for you to solve your mobile signal issues.

A quality mobile signal booster for South Africa will help you get a better network and a five-bar signal strength. The technology has come a far way, but at the same time, we need to remember our roots. This Mobile Signal Booster Buyer’s Guide is meant to help you choose the best mobile signal booster for your use. 

Why You Face Mobile Signal Issues?

Even if you get network services from the best operators, there is still a possibility that you might face network issues. There are several reasons behind having a weak signal or poor connection. It can happen when the cell tower in your area is getting too much traffic. There might be interferences or obstacles in and around your home, which is preventing you from getting a stable network. 

Fortunately, we have the best solution for all your network issues. We bring to you a premium range of mobile signal boosters for South Africa. These signal boosters are effective for all network operators. It is important to note that every mobile booster is created to match specific requirements. This includes frequency, operator, area coverage, and such. Before making a purchase, ensure to understand your requirements and choose accordingly.

What is a Mobile Signal booster?

A mobile signal booster is a device created to provide users with a strengthened signal and stable network. It boosts the weaker signals to provide you with five-bar signal strength. There are three principal components responsible behind the popper working of this device. The external antenna catches the weak signals in your network area and sends it to the amplifier. The amplifier has a crucial role here. 

It boosts the weaker signals received from the external antenna and sends it to the internal antenna. Finally, the internal antenna releases the increased signals in your home or office where you are using the signal booster. A coax cable is used to connect all the three components for the cell booster to work properly.

There are several mobile signal boosters available in the market at low prices. Knowing the effectiveness of the boosters can be difficult with just a product look. This is why you need a reliable team that has the right knowledge to choose the best mobile boosters. We have listed quality boosters on our website. We promise you visible results and five-bar strong signal strength. You can check out the range of mobile signal boosters for South Africa on our website.

Benefits of a Good Quality Mobile Signal Booster

  • Faster Internet speed – When you install a quality mobile booster for South Africa, you can enjoy a faster internet connection. The booster will solve any network issue that stops you from getting a proper signal strength.
  • No stutter videos – A quality signal booster will help you stream videos with no stutter. When you have a network issue, videos keep buffering. But now you can enjoy videos without any buffer time.
  • Seamless browsing – Usually, with a slower network, the websites take a lot of time to load. This hinders a smooth browsing process. Get a 4G mobile signal booster to solve the problem immediately. Enjoy seamless browsing where the web pages will load within seconds.
  • High uplink and downlink power – A quality signal booster ensures that you get a high uplink and downlink power in your respective networks. This means that you will get high-quality audio while making calls or talking to someone.
  • Better download/upload speed – With faster internet and a stable network, you can easily download or upload huge files within minutes. This is one of the best merits of installing a 3G signal booster for South Africa.
  • High- Resolution Audio/video – Several times users watch videos in 420p or lower because of a weak internet connection. Once you install the mobile signal booster, you will get uninterrupted five-bar signal strength. This means you can enjoy audios and videos in high resolutions.
  • No more call dropping – When you have a weak network connection, the call drops not connecting you to the other end. Even your voice keeps breaking in-between the calls. To solve this issue, get a mobile booster. It will ensure that you get a stable network to avoid such situations.

Where Can You Install and Use a Mobile Signal booster?

  • Home – If you face a weaker network at your home regularly, you can get a mobile booster installed inside your home. With the current pandemic, work from home is becoming a norm. So, if you have network problems at your home, get a signal booster immediately.
  • Farms – Let’s say you have an outing planned at your farm with your friends and family. Imagine everyone being dull because the network strength is poor and unstable. This is why you can get a mobile booster installed at your farm. You will create memories when you have a good network connection.
  • Office – Having a poor network connection at your workplace can be irritating. It also demotivates you to work ahead or work rigorously. This is why you need to solve that network issue before it starts affecting the productivity of your colleagues. Install a mobile signal booster to enjoy a high-speed internet connection and a proper network anytime.
  • Large Buildings – There can be network problems in larger buildings like schools, malls, and hospitals. In such cases, a mobile booster will be the best solution. Since there is more area to cover, you will need several signal boosters to work together and offer you with a stronger network. 

Portable Mobile Signal Boosters

  • Car – Having a poor network connection, especially while traveling, can be cruel. Imagine playing your favorite songs, but the poor internet connection keeps the audios buffering. A portable mobile signal booster will help you get rid of the problem permanently. It will provide you with a stable internet connection on the go. This means you get to play your songs with no network interruption.
  • Boat – Just like cars, a portable mobile booster can be used while traveling in a boat. When you travel on water, there are more chances of getting a weaker network. This is why a portable signal booster is recommended for such trips.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Signal Booster?

Here is the crux of this Mobile Signal Booster Buyer’s Guide.

Since you know that every signal booster is built for a different purpose, to work on a different frequency, cover a particular range, and work with particular or multiple cellular networks. So, while you want to buy a signal booster for your use make sure that the booster you are buying works with your cellular service provider frequency. Because every cellular service provider uses different frequencies to provide their different services like 2G, 3G, and 4G.

So choose a booster based on your need. For instance, if you want to buy a booster that only enhances your voice signals for Vodacom, supports 5-6 users, covers a range of 300 square meters. So, in this case, you need to buy a Home Elite Signal Booster. As this enhances the voice signals for Vodacom, Cell C, MTN, and Telkom. So when you buy this booster it will enhance the voice signals for your Vodacom network but also for other networks, this booster covers a 300 square meter area, supports 6 users simultaneously.

But, for instance, if you are looking for a signal booster that boosts all the Voice, 3G, and 4G Signals for your Vodacom mobile and covers a 500 square meters area then you should choose Home Pro Triband Signal Booster. This booster enhances all types of Data signals along with the voice signals for Vodacom, Rain, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom networks. Covers 500 Square meter area and supports up to 10 users simultaneously. 

Still Confused?

Choosing the right mobile signal booster can be confusing and tiring. This is why we have got you covered with our mobile signal booster buyer’s guide for South Africa. Head over to our website and check out the best mobile boosters available for South Africa. We have a premium range of quality boosters for every operator and network – 3G, 4G, or 5G. You can also opt for a universal signal booster that works for all operators. So, what are you waiting for? Specify your requirements and get the best mobile signal booster for South Africa delivered straight to your home. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team.

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