mobile signal booster south africa are they legal to use

Mobile Signal Booster South Africa – Are they Legal to Use

With the network evolution, we have now access to one of the fastest internet connections ever – the Fifth generation of networks. When technology evolves, technical issues also arise. In this case, users find a lot of network problems and poor connections. To solve this you can use a mobile signal booster in South Africa. There are several mobile signal boosters for South Africa which work for different network operators. You can choose the mobile booster that matches your requirements.

There is a question that lingers in every user’s mind –  Are Mobile Signal Boosters Legal to Use in South Africa? The simple answer is yes. Mobile Signal booster is not illegal because their working process is simple, just like any other technical device. We will discuss how cell boosters are legal and its work process in detail. 

Are Mobile Signal Boosters Legal to Use in South Africa?

Using a mobile phone signal booster is legal but there are some guidelines you have to know. Every legal cell booster is authorized by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa. ICASA is the regulatory body of communications, postal service sectors, and broadcasting. This means that every company selling a cell booster needs approval from the regulatory body. 

An additional step for security is offering proof. Every seller should provide proof that their product has undergone necessary trials and will not mess with the local cellular networks or cell towers. You may wonder how to find out whether the products you are buying are authorized by ICASA? The answer is research. All you have to do is check the seller’s website and have a thorough check. Verified and legal sellers always mention that their products are approved and legal to use.

Every coin has two sides. Some companies get a fake ICASA sticker and get it printed on their products. You should be aware of such businesses and refrain from buying any kind of cell boosters from them. If you get an illegal cell booster, it will eventually interfere with the cellular network. Your booster will be confiscated and a huge fine may be charged.

Why is a legal cell booster necessary?

The next question to be addressed is why should a cell booster be legal or illegal? Cell Boosters are devices created to enhance weaker connectivity. If you have a poor network connection or weak signals, the mobile booster will offer you with a five-bar strong signal and stable network. Now, this device can prove to be a boon for users but can also create possible problems for the network operators. 

If the cell boosters are not developed properly with all the necessary components, it will interfere and mess up the cellular networks. If the booster is defective, it can mess up the cell towers causing a major issue for the network providers.

In addition, the responsibility factor is also important.  Earlier the mobile signal booster was allowed, the legal approval wasn’t required. But, manufacturers started creating signal boosters that were defective and interfered with the cell towers. This means someone had to take responsibility for the issues created. Some authority has to be held accountable for the signal booster’s quality and performance. 

Sometimes the signal booster by unauthorized companies is developed poorly. It can enter an oscillation condition which is a feedback loop caused when the antennas are placed in the wrong location. It can overpower the cell towers or even shut down the network. Such boosters can shut down the network for thousands of customers. This is why a regulatory authority for checking the device quality is important. 

Are boosters safe?

Another question that arises, ‘Is using a cell booster safe?’ Several people think that having a signal booster installed inside your home can have a negative impact on health. The radiations produced are way less dangerous than those produced by smartphones. This simply means that the smartphones you are using have higher radiation. So, using a mobile signal booster is completely safe for your health. You can get a mobile installed at your home or office for enjoying a stable network.

Where Can You Buy Mobile Signal Booster in South Africa that is Legal to Use?

It can be difficult to find verified and legal cell boosters. You need sellers or any company which provides mobile signal boosters approved by ICASA. If you look on the internet, you will find a long list of sellers. Finding out the effectiveness can be difficult online. To save you from all the hassle, we bring you all the best products right at your doorstep.

Mobile Boosters for South Africa offers you a premium range of quality mobile signal boosters. Our signal boosters are tried and tested, approved by ICASA for legal use. We believe in building a relationship of honesty with our users. This is why we offer effective mobile boosters which will provide you with guaranteed five-bar signal strength. If you are still not satisfied with our product performance, we have a 30-days money-back policy. You can ask for your money back within 30 days of the purchase.

Legal Mobile Signal Boosters in South Africa you Should Check Out!

Home Elite 4G Signal Booster

This is one of our most popular mobile boosters. The Home Elite 4G signal booster works for the 4G network of several operators including Rain, Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, and Cell C. It works perfectly for all the network providers. The signal booster comes with a one year warranty. If you are looking for a mobile booster for small houses, studios, or homes, this is your best match. 

Home Elite Signal Booster

The mobile signal booster covers an area of 300 SQM, with a frequency of 900 MHz. The Home Elite Signal Booster is suitable for places like smaller offices, studios, or your house. The networks include MTN, Cell C, Telkom, and Vodacom. It comes with a low cross cable (10 m) and a one year warranty. Once you place the order, the signal booster will reach you within five working days.

Pro Boost 4G Signal Booster

If you are looking for a powerful mobile booster, you should check out the Pro Boost 4G Signal Booster. It covers an area of 1000 SQM with a frequency range of 1800MHz, If you are availing 4G services from Rain, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, or Telkom, it will work for you. Get the mobile booster for your house and enjoy a stable network.

Power Max Signal Booster

This is our ultimate bestseller. The Power Max Signal booster covers an area of 5000 SQM, with a frequency range of 900 MHz.  It will work for Telkom, MTN, Cell C, and Vodacom. You can install it in your home or office to enjoy five-bar signal strength. While checking out, you can opt for booster upgrades like Yagi Antenna and Window Jumper.

Home Elite 3G Signal Booster

The Home Elite 3G Signal Booster works for the 3G networks for Cell C, MTN, Vodacom, and Telkom. It covers a frequency range of 2100MHz, with an area of 300 SQM. The mobile booster is suitable for your homes and offices. It comes with a one year warranty so that you can enjoy the best services.

Power Max Triband Signal Booster

The Power Max Triband Signal Booster is a perfect cell booster for your network issues. Covering an area of 5000 SQM, it works for MTN, Rain, Vodacom, Cell C, and Telkom. It works for both 3G and 4G networks for different frequency ranges like 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2100 MHz. The signal booster comes with a one year warranty included in the purchase. You can install it in studios and offices. 

Why Should You Buy Your Mobile Signal Booster in South Africa from Us?

  • Our mobile signal boosters conform to the guidelines given by ICASA for the best quality and effective performance
  • We have the best mobile signal boosters for all cellular networks in South Africa.
  • Enjoy high-speed internet connection, high-quality calls, and strong cellular signals.
  • Mobile boosters are available for home, office, farm, hotel, hospital, mall, and much more.
  • One-time investment. No monthly fees or additional charges.
  • Free home delivery in all locations of South Africa.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • Easy to install and super easy to use.

It’s time you make your purchase. Now you know that mobile signal booster in South Africa is completely legal to use. So, you can now confidently and safely buy yourself a mobile signal booster. We have premium products available for you. We maintain limited stocks to ensure every device is of the best quality and will work perfectly. Our customer support team is always here to help you with any questions or guide you through the installation process. We have a quality signal booster for every network. Check your requirements for frequency, area coverage, network, and operators. Find the best mobile booster which is a perfect fit for you.

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