mtn or telkom which one is better

MTN or Telkom – Which One is Better

When it comes to finding the best network operator in South Africa, MTN and Telkom can be formidable. Both the carriers have successfully established a large chunk of subscribers from different parts of the location. MTN is a telecommunication company that enjoys approximately 37% of the market share here. It has added 29 million subscribers in 2021 to reach 280 million across 21 markets.

On the other hand, Telkom is South Africa’s largest mobile network operator by subscribers. In February 2021, the carrier saw robust mobile subscriber growth. The company reported a 25.9% growth for active subscribers, which rose to 14.9 million and an increase of 23.9% in blended average revenue per user.

MTN or Telkom – Which One is a Better Network Carrier?

To conclude, we have the insights from the South Africa Mobile Experience report of March 2020. The network strength was tested pertaining to different factors.

Video Experience

MTN is ranked to be the leading carrier when it comes to providing an impeccable video experience. It scored 72.0 points, i.e., the operator falls within the Very Good category. Telkom narrowed down the gap when compared with the previous reports.

4G Availability

MTN offers 4G availability with an 88.4% score, whereas Telkom scored 80%. This means that MTN has improved by 6.4 and the latter by 3.9 percentage when comparing it with the previous reports.

Download Speed Experience

Telkom showed a slight improvement in the new report to an increase of 11.7 Mbps. MTN jumped ahead here, showing a gain of 6.1 Mbps.

Acceptable Voice App Experience

For this category, both MTN and Telkom scored similar points. Their voice app experience remains poor where users face lagging and are dissatisfied with the network.

Are You Facing Cellular Network Issues?

We found out that even the best networks can fail to deliver a strong and robust network connection with the above insights. This might happen due to physical and geographical obstructions. If you’re someone facing a network issue with MTN, Telkom, or any other network provider, we have a permanent solution for you.

Changing the network carrier will not work if the issue is your home or office location. Your best option is to get a mobile signal booster device and install it at the place where you’re facing an unstable network or weaker signal strength.

A cell booster device is an affordable solution to help you get rid of all sorts of network problems permanently. Below listed are some benefits that you will enjoy:

  • High-speed Internet
  • Improved call clarity
  • Stream HD videos without any buffer
  • Play games at extreme graphics without lag
  • Seamless Browsing
  • Quick uploads and downloads
  • Make video calls without any lags

Get a Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Your Favorite Network

We can say MTN is better than Telkom when looked at from an overall perspective. But, Telkom might work better depending on your location. It’s best to identify which carrier works the best in your area. For solving any network issue, you can get a high-quality premium cell repeater device for 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G for all the major network providers in South Africa.

Mobile Boosters South Africa is your prime shop for getting legally approved and tested signal boosters. We offer free delivery across all locations in the country. We don’t want you to miss out on our incredible deals and affordable prices. Check our website and get your mobile phone signal booster now!

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