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Which is the Best Cellular Service in South Africa

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The primary network operators in South Africa are MTN, Telkom, Cell C, Rain, and Vodacom. These carriers have established a firm subscriber number over the years. We take some categories into perspective here – video experience, download speed, latency experience, and 4G availability to decide on a specific carrier. Several studies have been conducted to […]

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MTN or Telkom – Which One is Better

When it comes to finding the best network operator in South Africa, MTN and Telkom can be formidable. Both the carriers have successfully established a large chunk of subscribers from different parts of the location. MTN is a telecommunication company that enjoys approximately 37% of the market share here. It has added 29 million subscribers […]

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How to Fix Your Cellular Signal Reception issues

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Are you using the best networks and still having cellular signal reception issues? Telkom, MTN, Cell C, and Vodacom are listed as the top network providers in South Africa, covering most of the parts to offer network services. There can be instances where you might be facing network issues or weaker signal strength. To fix […]

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How to Fix Your Cellular Network Issues

You may say something like below when you have cellular network issues. “I don’t even have three bars. How am I supposed to attend my online classes?” “I can’t even attend the seminars I paid for. How do I even, with this slow Internet!” “I know we planned a family movie night but I don’t […]

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How to Fix 3G Signal Issues

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Sometimes, even the best networks can offer you weaker signal strength or unstable networks. If you’re using major Networks like Cell C, MTN, or Vodacom and still face 3G signal issues, we can help you fix it. Network issues mainly occur due to physical, geographical obstructions or certain materials like the metal used to construct […]

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Mobile Phone Signal Boosters in South Africa

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South Africa has pretty good mobile network coverage in urban and suburban areas that house about 70% of the country’s population. However, once you go to rural regions, you are likely to strike various issues ranging from a weak signal to no service whatsoever. This means that about 19 million people residing outside large cities […]

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